Say stop to bike theft! Buy an ALL-B lock

Unthinkable and yet realized!

3 locks and 1 luggage rack in 1 single product.

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Nothing left to carry in your backpack.

Always installed on your electric bike or classic bike.

High security level of 9/10.

Invented, designed & made in France.

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Grand choix de décors

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ALL-B, the lock to make cycling easier and safer

Garantie 3 ans "Sécurisé ou remboursé" !

3-year “Totally secure or fully refunded” guarantee!

Antivol de roue
Antivol de vélo - S'attache aux mobiliers urbains

Bike lock

Antivol de roue

Wheel lock

Antivol de selle

Seat lock

Antivol de vélo - S'attache aux mobiliers urbains

Attaches to street furniture

Porte bagages

Luggage rack

Your ALL-B lock installs easily on your bike. Everything on the bike, nothing in the backpack!

1. Loosening and removing your seatpost

2. Insert your seatpost into the ring of your All-B lock

3. Insert your seat post into the seat tube. Adjust your saddle height. Secure your saddle using your saddle clamping ring.

4. Lower your ALL-B lock so that it covers your seat clamp ring. Then, tighten the screw of your anti-theft saddle ring using the BTR spanner size 5 (1).


ALL-B Teaser

ALL-B Long Video

ALL-B installation tutorial

The concept

Discover 4 main functions in one product:

1. Saddle lock

A reinforced ring prohibits any access to the saddle clamp after assembly. As standard, provided for a 31.8 mm diameter seatpost and adaptable to the various seatposts by using a diameter reduction ring.

If you don’t know your seat post diameter, use the measurement tool provided. Just print, cut and follow the instructions.

The ALL-B is suitable for most bicycle geometries with a seat tube angle of 72° to 78°.

2. Bike lock

The luggage rack part pivots to the right, and allows you to attach your bike to street furniture or any other solid object.

Its hardened steel construction, combined with a reinforced lock with anti-drill pad, provides a high level of security.

3. Wheel lock

The U-lock allows you to secure your front or rear wheel.

Perfectly integrated into the set, it is easy to store and transport.

Made of hardened steel and coated with a 3 mm thick protective layer, it is pleasant to the touch and does not risk damaging your bike during use.

Its reinforced lock with anti-drill pad offers excellent resistance.

4. Rack with or without bag

Made of steel, the luggage rack offers an excellent carrying surface.

The carrying capacity of 10 kg can be advantageously increased to 27 kg with the bag kit.

It is equipped with a battery-operated light as standard and a double sandow.

Weight of ALL-B: 900 grams per function or 3.2 kg.

Thanks to our personalization concept, make your ALL-B unique by choosing the pattern you like from our pattern catalog.

As soon as you have validated your pattern, it will be removed from the catalog to guarantee you a unique product.

Security level of 9 out of 10, the ALL-B range is practical and reassuring. Product certified to standard NF EN ISO 11243: 05.2017. 100% French-made product.

Although its level of security is high, it is important to specify that any lock on the market is only a theft retarder.

Adaptable to most bicycle geometries with seat tube angle from 72° to 78° and seat post diameter from 27.2 to 31.8 mm

Smart! The extra flat key ring with color indicator supplied with the ALL-B so you don’t have to look for the right key for the right lock.

Get it without extra cost! The decoration kit offered to embellish your bike.

The bag KIT: It adapts easily with the screws provided. Available in black. Most saddlebags on the market fit on the saddlebag kit. Very soon you will discover our range of bags, personalized, 100% French manufacturing.

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Become an Ambassador of our ALL-B brand

You want:

  • Participating in an industrial & local trade, of a product made exclusively in France and mostly in the AURA region.
  • Promote an innovative product & useful, responding to a real concern: theft, while making life easier for cyclists.
  • Propagating our values ​​of local manufacturing, innovation and quality, generating contributions as close as possible to our living spaces.
  • Proposing an original concept of personalization and thus guaranteeing a unique product. All the decorations are the work of a designer from Saint-Etienne.
  • Being an attractive source of income.
  • Become an actor, actress, in the development of this fabulous movement towards soft mobility.

This echoes your values, contact us via our email addresses:


Or by phone: 06 20 52 85 42

We provide you with:

  • An ALL-B 4 at a preferential access price of €159 including tax instead of €249.90 including tax.
  • Communication media: website, social networks, trade fairs, etc.
  • Training on our products.

In return you will receive:

  • A commission of €25 incl. tax per sale of ALL-B.
  • A 20% commission on the sale of accessories associated with ALL-B.
  • If you sponsor a new ambassador, you will receive a commission of €25 including tax.

100% Made in France

At NP MOBILITY, inventing, designing, manufacturing, marketing cycles and cycle accessories is our passion.

100% French manufacturing, permanent innovation, quality, are our essential and essential values.

Our permanent work objective is to move from use to practical and reasoned solutions, for a calibrated response to the needs of our customers.

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Inventor’s word

Inventing is always a long process, contrary to the popular idea of ​​invention springing like lightning. We do not control the time of the incubation and maturation phases which feed on our exchanges of our readings, our errors, our tests.

And then, indeed, the idea comes, but even if it comes in a head, it is always the fruit of a collective result. The most important thing in invention is to constantly have the idea to invent.

Then it becomes second nature, sometimes atrophying, but very often sparkling.

Believe in it without failing, endure without flinching, always and again thinking in an attempt to achieve obvious simplicity.