“Totally secure or fully refunded” guarantee

Our ALL-B locks are designed and manufactured according to very demanding specifications in terms of the choice of materials, components and the quality of the assemblies.

Unit control before shipment guarantees strict compliance with our high quality levels.

This design and manufacturing rigor allows us to achieve a safety level of 9/10 with regard to the NF EN 15496 standard.

This confidence in our products, brought by our means implemented and our rigor throughout the manufacturing, allows us to make you benefit from our commitment “Totally secure or fully refunded”.

If your bike is stolen, secured with our all-B 4 lock: saddle lock, bike lock, wheel lock, and used according to our instructions for use, we will refund the full price of your ALL-B4 lock.

Usage requirements:

  • The ALL-B must be properly installed on your bike.
  • All three anti-theft functions must be used simultaneously:
    • the saddle lock, taking care to properly cover the saddle clamping device,
    • the bicycle lock, by selecting a fixed, solid object, of resistance at least equal to or greater than our lock and equipped with an upper stop,
    • the wheel lock either on the front or rear wheel, or on the frame.
  • For the wheel lock, prefer as much as possible to position the lock downwards, in order to complicate attacks at the level of the lock.
  • The locks of the bike lock and the wheel lock are in the closed position.
  • The keys are not on or near the bike.

Conditions to be quickly compensated:

You will need to contact us:

  • Copy of the complaint filed with the police.
  • A description of the circumstances of the theft: in particular the place (home, private premises, collective, garden, garage, public space, time, the time during which the bicycle remained secure at the place of the crime…).
  • The purchase invoice for your ALL-B.

Limits of our “Totally secure or fully refunded” commitment:

Our pledge does not cover:

  • The bags and the objects or clothing contained in the bags.
  • Accessories, components, equipment installed on the bike, not secured by the ALL-B (bell, mirror, light, etc.)

Our commitment is applicable within the limit of 3 years following the purchase of your ALL-B 4, date of invoice.

  • An all-B4 purchased second-hand, unless this product has been returned to our workshops for a check before sale.

If your bike has suffered an attempted theft, within 2 years of your purchase, date of invoice, and if your ALL-B has resisted this attack and is no longer operational; upon presentation of a photo file explicitly showing the damage to the ALL-B, we will offer you the replacement of your ALL-B 4 with a reduction of 30% of your purchase price, after return of your damaged ALL-B4.
Return postage will be your responsibility, and we will bear the cost of shipping the new ALL-B 4.