About us


At NP MOBILITY, inventing, designing, manufacturing, marketing cycles and cycle accessories is our passion.

100% French manufacturing, permanent innovation, quality, are our essential and essential values.

Our permanent work objective is to move from usage to practical and reasoned solutions, for a calibrated response to the needs of our customers. Mobility is one of the central subjects of our society. We do not share extremist positions advocating a total ban on cars in town.

We follow a logic of AND and not of OR. We therefore need to invent solutions so that all mobility solutions coexist harmoniously together: cars, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. Several countries have already done this, and have an experience curve of several decades. So it is quite possible.

One ​​of the main obstacles to cycling is the lack of infrastructure in France. Our modal share is only 3%, compared to 15% in Germany, and 25% in the Netherlands. France’s commitment under the climate plan is to go from 3% to 9% by 2024.

This represents a fantastic lever for generating value, provided that you don’t use “scoops”, such as a lick of paint on the road to separate cyclists from cars and trucks. Of course, nothing is simple, and this requires a real in-depth commitment from the public authorities in order to implement efficient and sustainable solutions.

On the other hand, if we continue to mislead our intelligence, the solution will necessarily be wrong. By this we mean that if we continue to subsidize the purchase of a cycle indiscriminately from its production region, we will continue to finance Asian growth and not our local growth.

This is why we are particularly attached to the most localized production possible, to generate positive and circular value, as close as possible to our working spaces. life.

Localizing also means simplifying logistics by reducing the transport and packaging required at each stage, and consequently improving our carbon footprint and our economic response.</ p>

Making in France and its nearby region is a strong strategic decision for the company, which involves a medium and long-term vision.</ p>

Often we compare the prices of French products to products from distant lands, and we conclude without real discernment that our prices are more expensive. It is important to consider things in overall cost, by integrating the costs of production, logistics, the ecological impact, the impact on the local economy. If we integrate this addition of costs into a full cost approach, our costs, and therefore our prices are more competitive for our society in the societal sense, than those of the low cost which are wrongly used as a benchmark.</ p>

Innovation is our driving force. Not innovating to innovate, but innovating to bring differentiating added value to our products.

We start from the principle that performing by trying to do the same thing as what is already done very well, remains very risky. Flawless quality is a state of mind, as much as a mastery of our know-how.

“Not doing to your client what you wouldn’t want done to you” is our commitment.

Our products are approved and comply with the EN NF 11243 standard.