The ALL-B lock

This lock and luggage rack is designed to secure your bike with a security level of 9 out of 10, and carry everyday objects on the back of your bike: bag, luggage, basket, panniers.

100% French manufacturing.

With the ALL-B lock, say STOP to bike theft!

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The SMALL-B bike

The Small-B concept is for reaching the best ratio : smaller footprint/highest efficiency level. This concept performs due to a 28” rear wheel and a 12” front wheel and of course, a patented particular geometry.

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The mudguard CLEAN-B

CLEAN-B, a range of on demand customization mudguards.

We have developed an innovative manufacturing process for the local manufacture of mudguards. The product fits with the most bike geometries and allow on demand design and geometry customization.

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Who are we?

At NP MOBILITY, inventing, designing, manufacturing, marketing cycles and cycle accessories is our passion.

100% French manufacturing, permanent innovation, quality, are our essential and essential values.

Our permanent work objective is to move from usage to practical and reasoned solutions, for a calibrated response to the needs of our customers. Mobility is one of the central subjects of our society.

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